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Donation Page of Brady Robinson
We've been working our butts off...

Thank you for your involvement!

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Healthy support from climbers like you makes programs like the new Access Fund Conservation Team possible.

Starting in February of 2012, the Access Fund will have 7 full-time program staff working to keep climbing areas open and well cared for - the biggest team ever!

We'll have two professional trail builders on the road for 10 months, will open a regional office in Chattanooga, TN to support climbers in the southeast, and will have more staff resources to work directly on access issues all across the country. This is all in addition to the public policy, acquisitions, stewardship and education programs we will continue from years past.

This sort of growth needs support to sustain it. If you're a climber, we're working for you. And if you're not a climber, then you must be a friend of mine who supports my work and our cause. I've been working my butt off for nearly 5 years to grow the organization into what it is now, and we've only just begun. Please support our work today!

PS - To help motivate you, if I reach my $1000 goal before Valentine's Day, I'll climb the Diamond of Long's Peak this summer roundtrip from Boulder on a bike, unsupported. And I'll be thinking of you when I do.

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