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for travelers who love to sport climbing, cliff Likunggavali arena can be a tense one for travelers who are tough ..

Cliffs Likunggavali an amazing stone walls, a challenging tourist spot with an altitude of 100 meters, stood firm on the edge of the river. This rock cliff into a very representative for rock climbing activities and sejenisnya.Bukan only that, around the location of the cliff likunggavali also displays a wonderful panorama to be used to relax with friends, travelers can see the waterfall, with sea view from the cliff top.

Not only as an arena rock climbing, Likunggavali also offers a variety of beauty to any visitors. Travelers need to know Likunggavali a mountainous region that is still very natural. River flow in rocks that resemble pans, this location makes this place called Likunggavali.

Located in the village of Marantale, District Siniu / Ampibabo, Parigi Moutong District, Sulawesi Tengah.Jalan taken not too difficult. Travelers can reach this location using four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles. About 500 yards through the Trans Sulawesi, travelers could see and feel the cool and natural Likunggavali region.

If travelers are a rock climber, then it is definitely adrenaline travelers will be encouraged and feeling curious would be overflowing. Instinct climber travelers will be tested with high sheer granite rock about 80 meters past the bottom of the cliff, cross a small stream of water is quite clear and could be a place to relax, to unwind after a few minutes' walk .....

For travelers who want to stay but did not take adequate camping equipment then travelers can use as a peristirahatn Baruga built olehDinas Tourism Regency Parigi Moutong, since 2008. Baruga is a very strategic place on the terrace of a hill just opposite cliff terrace ..

Of these Baruga, the climber can be seen with the naked eye, although a little less clear. But if travelers are using binoculars, travelers can see see the action clearly challenged climbers, noticing the contours of the rock that is ready to challenge the climbers .. Wow!

Well, if you are an adventurous travelers who share your hobbies with activities kegian wild-type challenge the natural cliff Likunggavali Marantale could be an alternative to pour all your adventures ekpsresi; D

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