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National Access and Stewardship Summit

The 2011 National Access and Stewardship Summit in Golden, CO was our largest to date and featured three concurrent tracks for attendees to choose from. The Access Fund provided travel scholarships to encourage regional diversity, and attracted nearly 75 climbers from across the States as well as Canada and Latin America. A total of 17 workshops covered important topics in stewardship, education, land conservation, policy, and local support and mobilization. Rocky Mountain Field Institute and Colorado Mountain Club hosted hands-on training in volunteer management and advanced rock work at the Access Fund-owned Golden Cliffs Preserve.

Clif Bar_Meet the Moment_Day of Action_Access Fund_Golden from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

Thanks to all the presenters, volunteers, sponsors, and attendees. And a special thanks to Colorado Mountain Club, who provided the American Mountaineering Center to host the conference. And a special thanks to CLIF Bar for their incredible support as part of the Meet the Moment Campaign. CLIF Bar went above and beyond, and even hosted a taco truck for volunteers. If you missed out on the Summit, don’t fear—all the workshops were professionally filmed by Louder than 11. Stay tuned for online videos in the coming months. You can also contact to access workshop materials.


Date: 10/14/2011

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