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Farley Ledge, MA

By Jeff Squire, Access Fund Regional Coordinator and President, WMCC

Since the early December, the Western Massachusetts Climbers Coalition has been actively raising money to secure a 9-acre parcel of land at the base of Farley Ledge. Farley Ledge represents a unique and unspoiled natural outdoor recreation area in Erving, Massachusetts and represents a primary rock-climbing destination in New England. The area also includes one of the most impressive sections of the nationally recognized Metacomet-Monadnock Trail and valuable state identified wildlife habitat.

This preservation project marks the climax of a six year effort on behalf of the WMCC to secure access to Farley Ledge. A Purchase and Sale Agreement has been signed for the property and the WMCC fully intends on moving ahead.

The local community has rallied to donate over $22,000 to this project so far and we have gained the support of local towns, land trusts, state agencies, and area officials. A closing date is scheduled for April 1st and we desperately need to close the gap to secure this important piece of property.

Fundraisers planned for upcoming months include area visits from Beth Rodden and Tommy Caldwell (March 2-4), Nick and Heather Sagar (March 2-4) and John Bragg (April 7).

This is a project that will significantly affect climbing in Massachusetts and southern New England and it needs everyones support. Donations are being accepted through the WMCC website or the old fashioned way. Above all else, help spread the word about this effort so that we might capture the attention of those willing to help.


Date: 3/12/2007