collaboration with federal agencies

The Access Fund currently holds memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with all three major federal land management agencies to help define rules for how climbing will be managed on federal land. An MOU is a written non-binding contract-like understanding that frames a cooperative relationship between two or more parties. A MOU works to define the common interests that the parties share, as well as the way they will work together to reach common goals. These documents can cover a range of objectives, from very broad partnership and stewardship responsibilities to very specific applications, such as land acquisition or land management planning consultation for specific issues.

MOU - National Park Service and the Access Fund, August 2014
MOU - Bureau of Land Management and the Access Fund, July 2009
MOU - United States Forest Service and the Access Fund, March 2009

To learn specifics on how these MOUs can help climbing activists on a local level, download:

MEMORANDA OF UNDERSTANDING: How MOUs with Land Managers Can Assist Climbing Activists