The Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign (AFLCC) is the first-ever multimillion-dollar revolving loan program that gives local climbing organizations (LCOs) and other agencies the money and power they need to act swiftly to protect valuable climbing resources. The AFLCC provides LCOs with short-term loans and transaction expertise to enable them to rapidly protect at-risk climbing locations through direct acquisitions, leases, easements, and other tactics. By providing this expertise and bridge financing for timesensitive projects, the AFLCC gives LCOs opportunities to finalize take-out strategies or raise money over a longer period of time.

how it works
The AFLCC provides bridge financing and short-term loans at favorable rates (prime or lower) to give local communities the financial resources necessary to act swiftly if a threat arises. The AFLCC is a revolving loan program. This means that money is loaned out, repaid, and then reinvested, allowing the Access Fund to recycle dollars to protect more land over time.

In addition to funding, the AFLCC also provides expertise on direct acquisitions, leases, easements, transaction management, and other tactics to protect climbing on private land. Contact the Access Fund and/or visit the Conservation Toolbox to learn more.