Arizona Climbing Community

The Access Fund and Arizona climbing community have long worked to protect climbing in central Arizona, first through the Friends of Queen Creek, then the Queen Creek Coalition (QCC) and more recently the Concerned Climbers of Arizona (CCA). Strategic disagreements in the climbing community split the QCC into two groups:

  • One that retains the QCC name and works to “maximize rock climbing resources in the Queen Creek region of Arizona by maintaining productive relationships with involved companies, land managers and civic leaders”. The QCC has negotiated a license under which climbers can continue to climb on RCM’s private land and they have recently submitted a letter of support for HR 687 in the March hearing for this bill in the House Energy & Minerals Policy subcommittee.
  • The CCA who “advocate for continued recreational access to climbing areas that are threatened by development or other forms of encroachment.” The CCA position on H.R. 1904 is found here. The CCA remains adamantly opposed to any land exchange or new mine development that will lead to the destruction of Oak Flat.

The Access Fund continues to work with each organization, Congress, and RCM directly to advocate for climbing access and the conservation of climbing resources in Arizona.