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Climbing Area Stewardship

Chances are, you’re intimately aware of how the growing popularity of climbing has impacted your local climbing areas. More climbers bring more footsteps, more plant degradation, more soil compaction, more human waste, and parking issues to the delicate environments we climb in.

As leaders in the climbing community, it is our job to work alongside land managers to mitigate these impacts and invest in the sustainable management of our climbing areas before the impacts become so dire that access is threatened or our landscapes are irrevocably damaged.

The resources below are there to help empower you to step forward and steward your climbing areas. For additional support, please reach out—we are always eager to help. Call 303-545-6772 or email

Resource Center

Initiate a Conservation Team Visit

Need stewardship help at your local climbing area? Learn how to connect with the Conservation Team.

Climbing Conservation Grant Program

A grant from the Climbing Conservation Grant Program can kick start acquisition, stewardship, policy, research, local support, and education projects.

Graffiti Removal

Learn best practices for graffiti removal at your climbing area.

Organizing an Adopt a Crag

The basics for organizing an Adopt a Crag volunteer stewardship event.

Register an Adopt a Crag

Register your Adopt a Crag event with us, and we'll publish the event to our online calendar as well as send you a shipment of supportive materials and swag to help support your efforts.

Adopt a Crag Logo

Download the official Adopt a Crag logo to use with your event's promotional materials.

Adopt a Crag Poster

Use this poster to advertise your Adopt a Crag event in local cafés, stores, and gyms.

Adopt a Crag Email Banner

Use this banner to advertise an Adopt a Crag event online, in email, or in print media.

Adopt a Crag Organizer's Manual

Helpful tools for organizing and hosting an Adopt a Crag event.

Adopt a Crag Timeline and Checklist

These documents provide an example for organizing and implementing a successful Adopt a Crag event.

Adopt a Crag Press Release Sample

Press releases are a great way to let your network know of an upcoming event. Check out this sample press release which may be used for Adopt a Crag volunteer events.