Climbers: ROCK Project

Photo Courtesy of:
John Dickey | Independance Pass, CO

Psyched for your next climbing adventure? Take the time to learn about the issues facing our desert, forest, and alpine climbing environments and ways that you can reduce your impact each time you go climbing. Filterable by terrain and climbing disciplines, explore and engage with stories and information to help you protect the places we climb.

  • Alpine

    Often referred to as regions that exist above tree-line, the Alpine zone is characterized with rocky talus slopes, dwarfed trees, and limited but unique vegetation.

  • Forest

    Characterized by broadleaf deciduous trees and towering evergreens, forests are home to some of America’s most popular climbing destinations and a unique variety of plants and animals.

  • Desert

    Characterized by little precipitation and sparse populations, the barren, stark landscape of the desert is uniquely fragile and full of life.