Episode #40

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Brian Poon


About this Episode

When you get right down to it, what we admire most about this month’s podcast guest, Dave Wiens, is his simple but deep passion for trails. Trails and trailwork connect just about everyone who likes outdoor recreation, from climbers to hikers to mountain bikers. Speaking of mountain biking, Wiens is also the executive director of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and founder of Gunnison, Colorado-based local advocacy group Gunnison Trails. Dave recognizes the importance and benefits of having access to trails for all recreational enthusiasts.

Dave and our host, Peter, get into Dave’s early days with Gunnison Trails and his current work with IMBA. They discuss IMBA’s aspiration to provide equitable access to trails through its “Close to Home” initiative and its support for the “Trails are Common Ground” initiative. Dave is a great storyteller, and his intimate knowledge of trail-based recreation provides many learning opportunities not just for climbers, but anyone who values access to trails.

4:37 - Dave’s intro & the Gunnison Valley
7:16 - Gunnison Trails & Hartman Rocks
17:01 - Gunnison Trails’ early projects
27:40 - Mountain biking & wildlife
31:41 - “System” trails
38:12 - IMBA & more local advocacy
45:38 - Dave’s start at IMBA
53:17 - IMBA’s mission
58:04 - IMBA bringing trail access “close to home”
1:06:37 - “Building” a climbing community
1:11:21 - Trails for Common Ground
1:23:54 - Climbers & Trails for Common Ground
1:26:06 - LCOs and IMBA’s local chapters

IMBA’s website: https://www.imba.com/
IMBA’s Instagram: @imba_us
IMBA’s “Close to Home” Initiative: https://www.imba.com/our-focus
Gunnison Trails website: https://gunnisontrails.org/
Gunnison Trails Instagram: @gunnisontrails
Trails Are Common Ground: https://trailsarecommonground.org/
Outdoor Alliance: https://www.outdooralliance.org/