Episode #42

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Brian Poon


About this Episode

In this episode, we learn from Briana Mazzolini-Blanchard and Skye Kolealani, creators of the new Indigenous Field Guide. Over the course of 2021, Briana and Skye created an exceptional resource. The guide provides high-level guidance for preventing damage of cultural resources and tips for how to amplify and integrate Indigenous values regarding cultural land resources. The Field Guide received widespread praise as individuals and organizations signed on to implement these practices into their mission and operations.

Briana and Skye cite specific examples of when cultural resources were disrespected or in jeopardy. They conclude that all of us should know where, and more importantly, how we are recreating. Different places call for different practices. That’s the purpose of the Indigenous Field Guide, to provide the necessary information needed to ensure the longevity of these culturally important lands and resources. You can commit to these values by signing their pledge at https://www.indigenousfieldguide.com/pledge.

6:19 - Briana’s intro
10:21 - Skye’s intro
17:59 - Collaborating with other Hawaiian LCOs
22:42 - The Indigenous Field Guide (IDG)
57:27 - “Fake” petroglyphs
1:08:24 - The Indigenous Field Guide’s Pledge
1:20:11 - Access Fund’s support for the IDG
1:24:10 - Other organizational support for the IDG
1:30:27 - Different recreational approaches in different places
1:33:57 - Next steps and goals for the IDG

Indigenous Field Guide website: https://www.indigenousfieldguide.com/

Indigenous Field Guide Instagram: @indigenousfieldguide

Kanaka Climbers website: https://www.kanakaclimbers.com/

Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition: https://rrgcc.org/