Episode #44

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Brian Poon


About this Episode

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Kris Hampton of Power Company Climbing and Josie McKee of the Central Wyoming Climbers Alliance. Together with these Lander locals, we discuss what it means to be a better climber. Being a better climber goes beyond improving at climbing and includes our social and environmental impacts. Kris and Josie offer their thoughts on what they have learned from other climbers that Kris has spoken with on his podcast and how Josie has addressed these on an organizational level.

Josie also dives into her role as executive director of the Central Wyoming Climbers Alliance. We talk through the organization’s mission and its latest projects, including opportunities for youth to climb the Grand Teton and tackling controversial route names in the Lander area.

Tune in to hear more of this lively discussion with Kris and Josie about being better climbers and local Lander happenings.

5:23- Kris’ intro
14:16- Josie’s intro
21:22- Founding of Power Company Climbing
30:19- WyoClimbers support for underserved communities
33:43- Working with the local guide service in Lander
35:22- Kris’ biggest lessons from podcasting
40:06- Takeaways from our mutual podcast guests
43:16- Josie’s opportunities to discuss these matters
46:46- The power of words
52:13- Route naming and other harmful words
1:03:30- Are Kris and Josie hopeful for the future?
1:05:53- The Central Wyoming Climbers Alliance/WyoClimbers
1:11:53- The BARF- Bolt and Anchor Replacement Fund
1:16:04- How climbers can stay engaged in advocacy

Kris’ Instagram: @powercompanyclimbing
Power Company Climbing: https://www.powercompanyclimbing.com/
Josie’s Instagram:@josiemckee
Central Wyoming Climbers Alliance: http://www.wyomingclimbers.org/
International Climbers Festival: https://www.climbersfestival.org/