Episode #47

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Brian Poon


About this Episode

Each year, Access Fund rallies dozens of exceptional climbing advocates from across the country and this year was no exception. Peter had the chance to catch up with two prominent advocates based in the southeast and discuss some of the things happening in their respective areas.

First up is Caleb Timmerman, marketing and outreach director with the Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC). Caleb’s expertise goes beyond marketing and he has a great pulse on everything that’s happening with the SCC, including one area he and Peter discuss at length: Castle Rock. The story and protection of Castle Rock is quite unique and shows what can be accomplished when multiple parties work together to conserve climbing areas.

Next, Mike Reardon is the executive director of the Carolina Climbers Coalition (CCC). In 2019, Mike became CCC’s first full-time executive director, but his history with the organization dates way back to 2010 when he first joined the board of directors. Mike has helped spearhead many conservation successes including the most recent acquisition of the Maibauer Boulders in North Carolina.

Caleb and Mike’s excitement for southeastern climbing is exemplary, so follow along as they give us a glimpse into their work and how they help make climbing happen in their local communities.

6:28- Intro/banter
9:43- Recording on location: Castle Rock
11:55- Caleb’s intro
14:21- Caleb’s first day climbing post-injury
15:25- The protection of Castle Rock
24:57- Tennessee’s Outdoor Recreational Use Statute
26:04- SCC’s Acquisition Committee
26:46- SCC’s role at Castle Rock
31:28- Happenings in Alabama and Georgia
34:17- Most exciting part of hosting the conference in Chattanooga

35:56- Field trip to Denny Cove
37:33- Mike’s intro
42:01- Rocky Fork State Park
46:07- C4: Carolina Climbers Conservation Corps
50:42- Leaning on past successes
52:11- The influence of purchasing Laurel Knob
56:59- Maibauer Boulders acquisition
1:00:30- Climbing Conservation Loan Program
1:05:10- Most exciting part of the conference

Southeastern Climbers Coalition: https://www.seclimbers.org/
SCC’s Instagram page: @seclimbers
Carolina Climbers Coalition: https://carolinaclimbers.org/
CCC’s Instagram page: @carolinaclimberscoalition
Maibauer Boulders donation page: https://carolinaclimbers.org/maibauer
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