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The Climbing Advocate Podcast

Join our host, Peter Horgan, every month for interviews with the advocates who care deeply about our climbing areas in topics like education, stewardship, advocacy, and much more. The podcast is a resource for Local Climbing Organizations and climbing advocates across the country to learn more about the trials and success stories that climbers have faced in fighting for access.

  • Episode #17

    Episode #17 - TOMMY CALDWELL

    My guest this month was none other than Tommy Caldwell. We all know Tommy for his athletic accomplishments, but what’s becoming just as impressive is… Listen Now

  • Episode #16


    This month’s episode features two advocates from the indoor climbing world, Paul Guarino and Hilary Harris. Both Paul and Hilary are founders of their indoor… Listen Now

  • Episode #15

    Episode #15 - ERIK MURDOCK

    This month’s episode features Access Fund Policy Director Erik Murdock. Erik provides some incredible insight on the top five threats facing our nation’s public lands… Listen Now