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The Climbing Advocate Podcast

Join our host, Peter Horgan, every month for interviews with the advocates who care deeply about our climbing areas in topics like education, stewardship, advocacy, and much more. The podcast is a resource for Local Climbing Organizations and climbing advocates across the country to learn more about the trials and success stories that climbers have faced in fighting for access.

  • Episode #14

    Episode #14 - AARON MIKE

    This month’s episode features Aaron Mike. Based out of Tucson, Arizona, Aaron operates Pangaea Mountain Guides and is Access Fund’s native lands regional coordinator. As… Listen Now

  • Episode #13


    This episode features two crusher advocates coming out of the Southeast: Cody Roney and Andrea Hassler. Cody is the former executive director of the Southeastern… Listen Now

  • Episode #12

    Episode #12 - SHELMA JUN

    This month’s episode features a powerful individual in the climbing world: founder of Flash Foxy, Shelma Jun. Shelma started Flash Foxy as a social media… Listen Now