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Photo Courtesy of:
John Dickey | Hueco Tanks, TX

Land Acquisition & Protection

When a privately owned climbing area is put up for sale, the community must act quickly to ensure that climbing access is not lost forever. Sometimes the best way to protect these threatened climbing areas, is to buy them.

But local climbers don’t always have the money or expertise to save these areas before they are lost to cash-ready developers or new landowners who aren’t friendly to climbing.

That’s where the Access Fund can help—we work with local climbing communities to provide loans, grants, and horsepower to swiftly protect threatened climbing resources.

Photo Courtesy of:
John Dickey | Lower Mill Creek, UT

Help place threatened land in climber-friendly hands.

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When an important climbing resource goes up for sale, the Access Fund has a wide range of capabilities and resources to help local communities protect these at-risk properties.

Our Climbing Conservation Loan Program provides local climbing organizations and land trusts with bridge financing and transaction expertise for time-sensitive projects. With quick access to funds and expertise, locals can scoop up a threatened climbing area, then take the time they need to raise money for its long-term protection and stewardship. The Climbing Conservation Loan Program is a revolving fund—money is loaned out, repaid by the local community, and then reinvested into another threatened climbing area, allowing the Access Fund to use the same dollars to protect more land over time.

The Access Fund also awards grant money to help local communities with climbing area acquisitions through the Climbing Conservation Grants Program.

Access Fund is a nationally recognized member of the Land Trust Alliance. While it is our first priority to support and empower local organizations to protect their climbing areas, not all communities have this capability. For critical projects outside the reach of an existing local climbing organization, the Access Fund has the ability to acquire and manage property on behalf of the climbing community. Learn more about our Land Holdings policy.

If you’re a local climbing advocate or conservation partner, visit our Advocate Resource Center to learn more or contact us at landprotection@accessfund.org to discuss conservation opportunities.