Meet Your Community Ambassadors!

Meet the fantastic 2019-2020 Community Ambassador team and learn more about the program below!

Community Ambassadors, located throughout the United States, are rock star volunteers who help Access Fund connect to local networks. Ambassadors play a significant role in raising awareness about our work as well as fundraising through events, outreach, and social media.

By serving in their own communities, Ambassadors meet and collaborate with other local climbers, brands, and entities, connecting old and new climbers in protecting and conserving the areas we hold dear.

Interested in becoming a Community Ambassador? We are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 program. Learn more here and apply here.


Name: Rebeca Rodriguez
Location: Paradise Valley, AZ
Contact: [email protected]
Rebeca’s love for rock climbing began two years ago when a friend invited her on an impromptu bouldering trip to Joshua Tree. Since touching real rock, she has taken ropes courses through the Arizona Mountaineering Club, REI, and the Women’s Climbing Festival. Her love for being outdoors extends to mobilizing others to take part in stewardship projects with the goal of maintaining climbing areas.


Name: Alexander Guzman
Location: Merced, CA
Contact: [email protected]

Alex has been climbing for over six years in every free moment. He seeks long days out in the Sierras without a soul in sight. He is focusing his career on learning how to bridge stakeholders, from all sides, together on environmental issues. In the realization of this goal, he hopes to spend time working with the Access Fund to gain more experience in the nonprofit world and to better connect to the community at large.

Name: Basil Newburn
Location: Irvine, CA
Contact: [email protected]

Basil fell in love with the planet while growing up among the forests and lakes of northern Wisconsin. Climbing began consuming his outdoor life about five years ago after a cables-down Halloween romp up Half Dome, and his favorite style of climbing is still a multipitch trad adventure. He began giving back to our climbing areas as the VP and, later, president of the Bay Area Climbers Coalition and is stoked to help the Access Fund expand its reach in southern California.


Name: Megan Munson
Denver, CO & Seattle, WA
Contact: [email protected]
Megan climbed almost exclusively in a gym for three years, but as soon as she traded plastic for real rock, she developed a love for the outdoors and a fierce desire to keep it beautiful. Now, she's a competitive collegiate climber trying to encourage environmental stewardship in her community. Megan is stoked to watch this sport grow and can't wait to help expand the Access Fund's outreach as well!

Name: Tyler Rizzuto
Location: Boulder, CO
Contact: [email protected]

Tyler is a climber/photographer based out of Boulder, CO. His love for capturing and climbing in beautiful, natural areas has further instilled his passion for protecting them. Tyler is committed to spreading knowledge of the issues facing our endangered areas and taking part in stewardship projects in the Front Range.


Names: Laura Olinger and Jess Malloy (aka, Yoga for Climbers)
Location: Louisville, KY
Contact: [email protected], [email protected]

Jess and Laura started Yoga for Climbers with the mission of educating climbers about safe movement. Through their passion for teaching, they realized how important it was not to just coach safe movement, but also stewardship to outdoor climbers. As their mission has evolved they see being community ambassadors as an opportunity to educate and care for the places they love to climb in, including their home crags at the Red River Gorge.


Name: Dan Jazwinski
Location: Shirley, MA
Contact: [email protected]

Dan was introduced to gym climbing six years ago and has progressed to sport and trad climbing outdoors. During his outdoor adventures he noticed the impact that the sport was having on the environment around him and felt the need to get involved with helping improve and protect the areas we climb in. Since then, he has become involved with several local climbing organizations and is excited to make an even bigger impact by working with the Access Fund as an Ambassador.


Name: Angie Jacobsen
Location: St. Paul, MN
Contact: [email protected]
Angie has been an outdoor enthusiast since learning to fish with her dad at a very young age. Climbing came much later, but after nine years of sport climbing and a year of trad, it has become an all-consuming passion. She is honored to have the opportunity to give back as a Community Ambassador—to help educate, raise awareness, instill Leave No Trace ethics, and ultimately to help protect the climbing areas that are so sacred to all of us.


Name: Chloe Wasteneys
Location: Bozeman, MT
Contact: [email protected]

Chloe has been an avid sport climber for the last five years. Her favorite aspects of the sport are the friendships created and the places that climbing trips take her. Some of her favorite spots to climb are southern Utah and Ten Sleep, WY. Chloe is excited to continue working as an ambassador to the Access Fund and as a steward to public lands. She hopes to spread knowledge and awareness about protecting and taking care of our beautiful climbing areas.


Name: David Cook
Location: Rumney, NH
Contact: [email protected]

Dave gained interest in climbing as programs director of a summer camp in Connecticut about 10 years ago. He has since traveled and climbed all over the world and now owns and operates the Barn Door Hostel in Rumney, New Hampshire. This adventurous career path has guided him towards creating communities and friendships in everything he does. Dave thinks climbing should be for all ages and all abilities. He is ecstatic to continue to foster a community through his role as Community Ambassador for the Access Fund.


Name: Regina Goldkuhl
Location: Asheville, NC
Contact: [email protected]
Regina’s climbing roots are located at Jackson Falls in Southern Illinois where she attended college. This little nook of the Shawnee National Forest grew to become one of the most cherished places in her heart and taught her the significance of maintaining sacred spaces like it across the country. Now that she’s in the Southeast, she’s stoked to use her position as a Community Ambassador create more awareness about stewardship in areas like Rumbling Bald, Looking Glass, and Linville Gorge, as well as develop a better understanding of her local climbing community’s needs.


Name: Amber Caskey
Location: Austin, TX
Contact: [email protected]

Amber first moved to Austin to study and fell in love with climbing. She learned to climb at Reimers Ranch, one of the local sport crags in the area. She started working at Crux Climbing Center where she learned about Access Fund and the opportunities to do her part for the Austin climbing community. She hopes to spread awareness about Access Fund and work to make her state a better place for climbing.


Name: Madison Brandt
Location: Moab, UT & El Portal, CA
Contact: [email protected]

Madison has been climbing for eight years, four of which have been spent traveling around the southwest and western regions. While she cut her teeth in trad on the sharp, sticky granite of Vedavuwoo, WY and Joshua Tree, CA, her heart remains at home in the high desert of Southern Utah. Climbing for Madison is about self growth, a supportive community and ridiculous fun - something she believes everyone has the right to experience. As an Ambassador, Madison is excited to advocate for the conservation efforts of the Access Fund and share ethical climbing practices that help protect the delicate natural landscapes we can so easily love to death.

Name: Mary Lane Poe
Location: St. George, UT
Contact: [email protected]
Originally from Nashville, TN, Mary Lane learned how to climb six years ago on the granite spires surrounding Bozeman, MT. Over the last 5 years she has furthered her career as a biologist, working to protect the flora and fauna of the Mojave desert, while expanding her climbing repertoire in Joshua Tree, Red Rock, and Indian Creek. Mary Lane is stoked to bring her professional passion for protecting public lands to her personal life by collaborating with the Access Fund.


Name: Erin Persson
Location: Seattle, WA
Contact: [email protected]

Erin has been bouldering avidly for about two years, learning as much as she can and loving every second of it. She relocated to the Pacific Northwest after spending summers falling in love with everything the Puget Sound region has to offer. She is beyond excited to have this opportunity to advocate for the environment and the protection of outdoor recreation areas.


Name: Elizabeth McLean
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Contact: [email protected]

Liz was introduced to climbing five years ago and was lucky enough to have experienced mentors to share positive climbing ethics & practices with her. In every crag she’s visited, she’s noticed that not all climbers had this opportunity and often don’t realize the impact they are having on their climbing areas . As an Ambassador, Liz hopes to act as an advocate for the Access Fund and her local climbing organizations conservation efforts while supporting climbers transitioning from gym-to-crag.


  • Solely represent Access Fund at local events through tabling, membership drives, and high fives.
  • Collaborate with affiliated local climbing organizations and other local entities to organize 2-3 fun and engaging fundraising events in your area.
  • Seeks out and exploits outreach and fundraising opportunities.
  • Make strong connections with local climbing organizations and other area partners.
  • Take part in Ambassador-specific initiatives and trainings with Access Fund staff.
  • Excitedly share Access Fund’s social media content.
  • Serve as a community resource and connection to Access Fund.
Photo courtesy of Martina Zandonella.


We are excited, too, and welcome any and all questions! Please contact Heather Distad, Events and Outreach Manager, at [email protected].

Photo courtesy of Kris Ugarriza.