Member Gyms

For many of us, climbing gyms are where we refine our technique and strengthen our ties to the climbing community. Access Fund Member Gyms have stepped up as influencers in their community to protect climbing access and promote responsible outdoor climbing behaviors. Learn more about our Member Gym program here. To become a Member Gym, contact or join online!

Titanium Plus - $75,000+
Touchstone Climbing - Berkeley Ironworks
Touchstone Climbing - Cliffs of ID
Touchstone Climbing - Diablo Rock Gym
Touchstone Climbing - Dogpatch Boulders
Touchstone Climbing - Great Western Power CO.
Touchstone Climbing - Hollywood Boulders
Touchstone Climbing - LA Boulders
Touchstone Climbing - Metalmark Climbing and Fitness
Touchstone Climbing - Mission Cliffs
Touchstone Climbing - Pipeworks Climbing and Fitness
Touchstone Climbing - Studio Climbing
Touchstone Climbing - Verdigo Boulders

Diamond - $20,000+
Planet Granite - Belmont
Planet Granite - San Francisco
Planet Granite - Sunnyvale
Planet Granite - Portland

Gold - $5,000+
Austin Bouldering Project
EVO Rock + Fitness - Louisville, CO
Seattle Bouldering Project
The Spot Bouldering Gym

Silver - $2,500+
ABC Kids Climbing
Boulder Rock Club
Brooklyn Boulders
Movement Climbing + Fitness – Boulder
Phoenix Rock Gym

Major $1,000+
ASCEND: Pittsburgh
High Point Climbing and Fitness - Downtown Chattanooga
High Point Climbing and Fitness - Riverside Chattanooga
Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness Center
Pacific Edge Climbing Gym
ROCK'n and JAM'n 1
ROCK'n and JAM'n 2
Spire Climbing Center
Urban Ascent
Vertical Adventures
Vertical World Climbing Gym - Redmond
Vertical World Climbing Gym - Seattle
Vital Climbing Gym

Contributing - $500+
Apex Climbing
CityROCK Climbing Center
Factory Bouldering
Gravity Vault
Stone Age Climbing Gym
Stone Summit Climbing and Fitness Center
Vertex Climbing Center

Supporting - $250+
Ascent Studio Climbing & Fitness
Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex
Onsight Rock Gym
River Rock Climbing
Stone Gardens - Seattle