A Plan for the Buttermilks Human Waste Issue

Date: 11/17/2009

On November 7 and 8, the Friends of Inyo hosted an Access Fund supported Adopt a Crag event at the Buttermilks that drew almost 70 volunteers (pictured right). The event was followed by an American Alpine Club hosted slideshow presented by Doug Robinson, which raised $2,000 for the construction and long-term maintenance of a new pit toilet. The vast number of climbers visiting each year has led to growing environmental damage at the site due to lack of adequate facilities and the improper disposal of human waste. The Access Fund’s Grassroots Coordinator, Amy Ansari, and Regional Coordinator for the area, Jim Pinter-Lucke, met with locals and USFS officials to work out a plan of action to address the issue by next fall. In the meantime, the best ways for climbers to help is to plan ahead when they are going to the Buttermilks. Take RESTOP/Wag Bags, disperse campsites to reduce the concentration of impact in one area (or stay at a campground), and stay informed.

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