Access Fund Transfers Golden Cliffs to Jefferson County Open Space


To many climbers on the Front Range of Colorado, Golden Cliffs is a staple. New climbers test their skills on its basalt columns; outdoor programs expose youth to the thrill of climbing and importance of environmental stewardship; and seasoned climbers find its southern slopes a sunny winter escape.

The Access Fund has owned Golden Cliffs (aka North Table Mountain) since 1994, when previous owner Mayford Peery generously donated the 29-acre property to the climbing community after some concerns about liability. The Access Fund has held and managed the property for 20 years, with support from local climbers and volunteers.

In 2013, the Access Fund began investigating the possibility of transferring Golden Cliffs to Jefferson County Open Space, who has a long history of collaborative, climbing-friendly management of dozens of other crags along the Colorado Front Range. By transferring Golden Cliffs to trustworthy public ownership, the Access Fund could free up resources to invest in other climbing areas in need.

“Jefferson County has demonstrated a real commitment to recreation, and it’s obvious the County is the right home for this piece of property,” says Brady Robinson, Access Fund Executive Director.

We are excited to announce that after a year and a half of planning and due diligence, the Access Fund has donated Golden Cliffs to Jefferson County Open Space as of June 30, 2014. The Golden Cliffs trailhead and property will serve as the southern gateway to North Table Mountain Park. .

Climbers should be assured that climbing access at Golden Cliffs will not be affected by this transfer. The Access Fund has guaranteed that climbing access will not be affected unless natural disasters or wildlife protection issues temporarily restricts public access. If the County is unable to work within these agreements, the Access Fund will regain ownership of the cliffs. Seasoned climbing advocates Becky Hall and Chris Archer have contributed significant time and energy to safeguard this transition.

“We’re excited that this is going forward in a way that preserves the legacy of Mayford Peery and his generous gift to the climbing community,” says Joe Sambataro, National Access Director. Peery, who passed away in 2009 at the age of 89, made considerable contributions to the Golden community through conservation, development, and business.

Mark your calendars for a celebration event at Golden Cliffs the weekend of October 25th, 2014 to commemorate the legacy of Mayford Peery, celebrate 20 years of Access Fund ownership, and pass on this legacy to Jefferson County Open Space. Stay tuned for further details.