Allied Climbers of San Diego (ACSD) get permanent closure lifted at Poway Crags

Date: 10/14/2010

The quiet Poway Crags outside of San Diego has been re-opened to climbing after a 7 year closure—a big win for climbers in the area.

Poway Crags, offering quality routes up to 200 feet, was originally closed in 2003 due to a major wildfire. Signs were posted restricting the area for habitat restoration. Climbers respected the closure and the area fell quiet. Years later, after nature had healed itself, ACSD made contact with the City of Poway to gain official reinstatement of climbing access to the area.

Over the course of the next three years, ACSD worked with the City of Poway to find a climbing access strategy that would protect a golden eagle nest located in one of the Poway Crags climbing areas. The two organizations developed appropriate buffer zones and a seasonal restriction surrounding the nesting site.

The Poway Crags are now officially open to climbing. ACSD still has work ahead to keep the public informed about responsible recreation in an area with important nesting resources.

The Access Fund is proud of ACSD’s success—showing one more example of how responsible climbing is a compatible use in an open space habitat conservation area that is also home to an important species, such as the golden eagle. ACSD's good relationship with land managers of other local climbing resources was part of the key to enabling success at Poway Crags.

About Allied Climbers of San Diego
ACSD is an environmentally responsible non-profit membership-based climbers' advocacy organization and an Access Fund Affiliate. Dedicated to promoting and maintaining access to climbing ACSD acts as a collective voice for balanced access rights of outdoor climbing enthusiasts in and surrounding the San Diego region.