CAMP Gear Grant Winner Announced


Congratulations to Jeanette Strother, Access Fund Birthdays fundraiser and winner of the $50 CAMP Gear Grant for the third quarter! Jeanette dedicated her birthday to climbing access in September, and raised money from her family and friends.

“I decided to donate my birthday to climbing access because the work of the Access Fund is critical to the future of climbing in the US,” says Jeanette. “The combination of legal action, fundraising, and comm

unity involvement is a very effective way to make sure that climbing areas remain open, accessible, and sustainable for future yearsand generations of climbers.”

Jeanette is looking to get more experience aiding big walls, and plans to use the CAMP Gear Grant to invest in aid gear. Every fundraiser who raises money through an Access Fund Birthdays campaign is automatically eligible for the grant, and we will be selecting one more winner in 2013, so it’s not too late to register!

Pledge your birthday!