Climbing at Utah’s San Rafael Swell Potentially Threatened by Energy Extraction

Date: 5/17/2012

Last week the Access Fund and Outdoor Alliance (OA) defended recreation lands in the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) new, far-reaching oil shale and tar sands development plan on 2,431,000 acres of public land in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. One area being considered for development hosts the popular and unique climbing resources in Utah’s San Rafael Swell.

The OA argued that while the human-powered recreation community supports the prudent development of energy resources on public lands, there are great risks, and these world-class recreation resources are not the place to experiment with new industrial technologies. The OA advocated for the BLM’s Alternative 3, which outlines a cautious approach that requires adequate research and leaves an appropriate amount of land available for this crucial step. This alternative correctly weighs the experimental nature of the technology against the internationally significant outdoor recreation areas that sustain local economies and promise long-term economic benefits.

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