Conservation Team Completes Restoration Work in Bishop

Date: 11/15/2011

With the help of several BLM staff and volunteer archeologists, Dave and Jeff addressed some issues at the Tablelands in Bishop, CA that were encroaching on archeological sites. The group closed a couple of roads and camping areas, dismantled fire pits, and removed a stone wall that had been constructed as a wind shelter—all of which were impacting the archeological sites. After completing work at the Tablelands, Dave and Jeff moved on to install some trademark “Conservation Team” steps on the approach to the Sad Boulders and, with the help of four dedicated local volunteers, installed a bunch of check dams (more than they cared to count at the end of the day), and addressed other areas of the trail that were a concern. "Overall, the Sads approach is much more sustainable than it was when we arrived," says Dave. Now on to Sonora for the Jailhouse Adopt a Crag....

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