Conservation Team Restores Approach in Granite Dells

Date: 11/14/2011

The Conservation Team arrived in Prescott on the morning of November 17th and met with Kevin Keith, the AF Regional Coordinator for the area. After helping Dave and Jeff get situated in a camping spot in town, Kevin gave the guys a tour of the Granite Dells climbing area. They surveyed the High Rappel Dell crag and discovered that the initial approach from what will eventually be a city parking lot/trail head, was severely eroded and abraded.

The Conservation Team determined that traffic needed to be redirected to a more sustainable surface, and elected to install a timber staircase that redirects traffic to the slick rock access to the climbing area. Dave, Jeff, and Kevin spent 3 days working on the project. They installed a beautiful serpentine set of timber stairs and a stone retaining wall, using what stone was available locally to hold the soil in place above the stairs.