Help Ensure Muir Valley Climbing Access


We have an exciting opportunity for Muir Valley ownership to be gifted to the climbing community to ensure climbing access in perpetuity. And you can play an important role in making this happen!

Over the past ten years, from the time they purchased undeveloped land in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky, Muir Valley landowners, Rick and Liz Weber, have developed it into a world-class climbing area. It has been the Webers’ vision to ultimately place this treasure in the hands of the climbing community. To make this vision a reality, the Webers, Friends of Muir Valley (FOMV), and the Access Fund have created a transition plan with a set of goals that, if accomplished in 2014, will result in the gifting of Muir Valley to the Friends of Muir Valley by March of 2015.

Before the transition can occur, FOMV must phase into responsibility for Muir Valley maintenance and must raise $200,000 in 2014 to cover operating/maintenance expenses, as well as the expenses associated with transfer of ownership and a stewardship fund for the property. None of the $200,000 to be raised is going to the Webers. Muir Valley is to be a gift from the Webers to the climbing community. For more information on this project, visit the FOMV website and the Muir Valley website.

We need your help! The climbing community has helped to make Muir Valley the incredible climbing destination it is today, and we are counting on you to help protect this legacy.