New Regulations for Gold Wall in California

Table Mountain outside of Sonora, California offers climbers a long stretch of basalt cliff line that includes popular crags like Jailhouse Rock (which Access Fund helped preserve in 2012), The Grotto, and the privately owned Gold Wall.

Climbers have been visiting the Gold Wall for over a decade and have stewarded the area, kept a low profile, and avoided publication of route information to keep crowds to a minimum. However in the spring of 2015, the Gold Wall landowner reached out to the climbing community and expressed liability concerns after hearing excessive yelling from climbers at the cliff. Access Fund and local climbers immediately set up a site visit with the landowner.

After a series of conversations, it’s clear that the landowner recognizes the recreational value of the cliff, and he has no immediate plans to close the area. But he does have some very specific and reasonable requests for visiting climbers, including:

  • No music and keep all noise to a minimum
  • Respect other users and consider climbing elsewhere to avoid overcrowding
  • No fires – high fire danger area
  • No overnight use
  • No littering – pack in, pack out

We have installed a sign with these simple rules at the entrance to this section of private land from adjacent US Bureau of Reclamation lands. Please remember that climbing on private land is a privilege, not a right. Help us preserve access to Gold Wall by following these simple rules and encouraging other climbers to do the same.

Take a look at the Rock Project Pact for more tips and enjoy your next trip out to the area!