North Idaho Report


By Rex Mundo

2007 promises to be a busy year with great challenges and opportunities. The Kootenai Klimbers and the North Idaho College outdoor pursuits program continue with the Adopt-A-Crag effort. The success of this work has revealed to the City of Post Falls the climbing community's positive impact on conservation, preservation, environmental awareness and the all-important tourist dollar. The timing is excellent because the city has acquired 60 acres of additional parkland on the river that has great potential for bouldering and mountain biking. There is also a route-free wall of beautiful granite.

There is also another city property of approximately 20 acres that the city is developing into parkland. It is an environmental oasis right downtown that goes to the river. Rusty Baillie, myself and a city park representative toured the area and found a primo bouldering wall over 300 feet long with near-perfect landing all along the base with easy topout from 10-18 ft. More about this later.

We also are continuing our on-going discussions with Avista Power Company to allow continued use of climbing/bouldering areas on Avista property adjacent to the dam/Q'Emiln Park climbing area. The dam is currently going thru the relicensing process. Once the license is renewed, they'll have it for 30-50 years and access issues may arise.

As Rusty Baillie stated in past reports, possibly the best wall in the area is just out of the boundary of Q'Emiln Park. The Klimbers are working with the city and others in the Spokane Climbing community to acquire this valuable resource before it's gone.