Park Service to Pull Bolts at Christmas Tree Pass, Nevada?

Date: 5/13/2010

The NPS proposes to pull bolts within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in southern Nevada, risking several remote desert climbs found at Christmas Tree Pass in the Newberry Mountains. The NPS justifies this plan as necessary to protect archeological resources and wilderness character. However, it appears that the NPS mistakenly thought that “the bolts do not receive much use,” despite the presence of dozens of climbs that receive regular visitation. The NPS proposal also fails to identify actual conflicts caused by climbing that would make this location any different from the dozens of wilderness areas around the country where climbing and some level of fixed anchor use is allowed. After discussions with the Las Vegas Climbers Liaison Council, the Access Fund, and other climbing advocates, and a field trip to the area with climbers, the NPS has agreed to extend the public comment period to July 2 to give climbers and other users an opportunity to provide input into the planning process.

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