Portion of Near Trapps at the Gunks closed to climbing

Date: 4/9/2009

The Near Trapps at the Gunks offer nearly a mile of classic and popular climbs just south of Route 44-55. In 1993, the Access Fund worked with the Mohonk Preserve, Open Space Institute, and Friends of Shawangunks to protect access to the Near Trapps, but a portion remains on private land. Earlier this month, a portion of the Near Trapps has been closed to climbing. This includes land below the cliff to above cliff line and starts approximately at Eenie Meenie and continues south about 200 feet. Climbers are asked to respect the no-trespassing signs and obtain access to climbs further south by rappelling in from the Millbrook Ridge Trail. Gunks Climbers’ Coalition is working on the issue and looking into potential solutions. For more information and updates, please view: www.gunksclimbers.org/.