Date: 8/1/2005

Negotiations Under Way for New Bouldering Area, Rosendale, NY. Climbers Advise to Comply with No Trespassing Request. On June 6th, following several months of private discussions with Rosendale town officials, the Gunks Climbers' Coalition made its first public presentation to the town board to explore permitting legal access to the Water Works bouldering area. The parcel, discovered by boulderers last year, exists on Rosendale Water District property, where a no trespassing ordinance exists. The site is significant enough that growing publicity and usage of the area had attracted complaints by neighbors, warranting an access strategy developed by boulderers with the Access Fund and the GCC beginning in February; climbers immediately agreed to cease all climbing activity at the site. While the initial presentation generated its share of discussion and concerns from board members- liability and trespassing being the chief concerns - the board was interested enough to advise that the GCC present to the town's Water District board, which the GCC did on Monday, June 27th. Negotiations between the GCC, the Rosendale town officials and the water department are continuing and are expected to continue at least until this Fall or the end of the year. Until some sort of agreement is in place climbers are advised to respect the no trespassing ordinance that has been in effect, and avoid going to this area.