Southeastern Climbers Coalition Pays Back its AFLCC Loan for Steele

Date: 8/13/2010

Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) paid back its loan for the Steele cliff line to the Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign (AFLCC) last week, making it the second loan to fully revolve back into the program. The early payment comes just a month after Washington Climbers Coalition’s repayment, further proving the efficacy of the AFLCC to provide local climbing organizations the short-term capital necessary to secure climbing resources.

The $20,000 loan facilitated the SCC’s purchase of a 29-acre tract in Steele, Alabama in September of 2009. The property provides access, parking, and a central piece of cliff line that was closed to climbing since 1987. SCC raised a large portion of the $55,000 purchase price for Steele, with the Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign loan giving the financial support to close on the property, as well as seek adjacent cliff line. “The funds gave us the extra cushion in the final days to go ahead and proceed with the Steele purchase. We look forward to our next project together with the Access Fund,” says SCC’s Brad McLeod.

SCC continues its mission of opening new areas and permanently protecting threatened favorites in the Southeast. Just last month, Access Fund and SCC partnered up for a week of site visits in Alabama and Tennessee, exploring potential projects and solutions to pressing access issues. The Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign can be a critical resource in helping protect these properties, offering financing and acquisition expertise.