​Upcoming Changes for Little Rock City, TN

Date: 9/21/2006

Brad McLeod, Southeastern Climbers Coalition

Below are the current parameters for upcoming changes to visitation at LRC (The Stone Fort)-All changes will be in place beginning October 1 2006. These changes are being made by the landowner with the long-term goal of maintaining access for climbers.

1. Implement a $5 per climber parking fee using an online payment system in conjunction with the current system of registration. To clarify, ALL climbers visiting the boulderfield will be required to pay $5 for each visit to the property.

The number of daily visitors will also be increased to 40.

2. Yearly group/school user fee per institution will be applied. Current schools using LRC as a site for outdoor programs include McCallie, Baylor, and GPS. These institutions will NOT be required to register for visitation during the week (Monday thru Friday). Therefore, these groups will not affect the number of passes during weekdays. However, all participating school programs will be required to register individual climbers during the weekends.

The Triple Crown Bouldering Series will be charged for it's use of the boulderfield as well.

**In regard to all groups and individual climbers, everyone will be required to sign a liability waiver.

3. All climbers will "check-in" at the clubhouse before entering the boulderfield. A Montlake employee will verify each climber by the daily registration page on the SCC (www.seclimbers.org) website. In addition to monitoring visitation to the property, this will also offer a way to educate new climbers to the appropriate visitation procedure.

4. A Montlake employee dedicated to an 8 am to 5:30 pm day will be on duty in the fall.

In addition, the SCC will select 10 representatives from the climbing community. These ten representatives will be required to perform several duties at LRC during each of their visits, and will help maintain and monitor climber visitation to the boulderfield. If you are interested in information regarding one of these positions, please see the SCC message board seclimbers.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=340

5. The name of LRC will be changed to The Stone Fort per the owner's request

6. A yearly pass for climbers who frequently visit the property will be available for purchase beginning October 1 2006. The price for the pass will be $150. Yearly pass holders will still be required to register each day. A yearly pass does not guarantee visitation on high volume days. Once the system has received 40 registrants on a given day, the pass system will close for that particular day-it will still be first come, first served each day for everyone.

Climbers that purchase a year pass will still be required to register for each visit to the boulderfield-all other rules apply to year pass holders as well.

In the meantime, please support Montlake with these upcoming changes; they have certainly supported us.