Update-Madrone Wall, OR


By Keith K. Daellenbach, www.savemadrone.org

For the past several months, Access Fund Regional Coordinator Kellie Rice has actively participated in monthly Clackamas County Parks Advisory Board meetings advocating immediate funding for the parks master planning followed by funding for capital improvements (e.g., on-site parking) in subsequent years. While provisional funding allocations for capital improvements are not allocated until 2009, there is reason to be optimistic.

On 22 April, the Madrone Wall Preservation Committee conducted a well attended (36 people) tour of the Madrone Wall site in Clackamas County. Most of those attending had not been to the site which has been posted "No Trespassing" for nearly ten years. One of the participants was new County Commissioner Lynn Peterson who provided encouragement that the park creation process is moving forward. County financial planning has apparently allocated funding to the parks master planning process in the county's next fiscal year to commence 1 July. Beyond that, more planning will be required to, for example, prepare for capital expenditures in the coming years. One of the largest capital expenditures will be to establish on-site parking. The Madrone Wall Preservation Committee continues to work with government and private philanthropic organizations to raise funding to offset county expenses.