​5 Things You Can Do to Fight for Public Lands

The fight for America's public lands, home to nearly 60% of climbing in this country, rages on. There are members of Congress and the Administration who are pursuing a vicious new agenda to erode the laws and systems that protect our public lands, in an attempt to open them up to private interests. Climbing advocates around the country are mobilizing to prevent this quest for “energy dominance” from destroying our public lands, and we need your help.

Indian Creek in Bears Ears National Monument | Ute (Nuu-agha-tuvu-pu) and Pueblo Territories | Photo courtesy of © Andrew Burr

Here are 5 things you can do to help:

  1. Get smart on the issues. The battle for American's public lands has devolved into a collection of sneaky leadership appointments, subtle policy changes, big budget cuts, and arcane rule changes. This complex assault on the systems and laws that protect our public lands is easy to miss if you don't know where to look. Top 5 Threats to Public Lands >
  2. Sign up for Action Alerts. Be sure you are signed up for action alerts so that Access Fund can let you know when there is a major threat to a climbing area. Be ready to reach out to lawmakers to voice your support or opposition on key issues. All of our action alerts provide an easy letter-writing tool and talking points to make advocacy easy.
  3. Rally your friends. When we work together, climbers are a force to be reckoned with. But not everyone in our community is aware of the threats to our climbing areas and public lands. Use social media, e-mail, text, and other grassroots advocacy methods to spread the word among your friends, climbing partners, family, and followers and encourage them to take action.
  4. Prepare for 2020 election. The 2020 election is right around the corner, and it's going to be a big one for public lands. We want to help you prepare to exercise your vote in support of public lands. Sign up for our 2020 Election Prep series to stay plugged into the latest issues that impact our public lands.
  5. Make a donation to defend public lands. Our lawyers, environmental scientists, and policy experts are working hard to defend our public lands. But we need resources to stay on top of the constantly evolving threats. Make an urgent donation today at www.accessfund.org/donate.

2020 Election Prep

The fight for America’s public lands is constantly evolving, but the one constant is that the front line is in Washington, D.C., among our elected officials. As you prepare to exercise your vote next November, our commitment to you is that we’ll keep you informed of the greatest threats to our public lands. Sign up for our 2020 Election Prep series to stay informed.