7 Hilarious Times Climbers Called You on Your Sh*t

Categories: The Climber's Pact

Have you ever tucked in behind a bush to do your business, dropped a rock on it, and scurried away wondering if anyone really cares that you didn’t pack it out or bury it? Or that you left a bloom of TP flowers behind? Let these sterling examples remind you: your fellow climbers clearly give a shit.

1. To the Cochise Stronghold Poop Bandit...

Locals suggest maybe bringing your OWN dog, who can eat your poop for you. (Just don’t let him lick your face.)

2. Pooping on ledges?

Your fellow climbers say NO! (May we suggest an emergency RESTOP bag for such occasions?)

3. Semi-Rad presents….

Pooping in the Outdoors, A Flowchart. (Are you an animal? Grrr!)

4. TP flowers: should you eat them?

An interesting suggestion. (But we say no.)

5. Pooping in a bag: it's a thing.

A whole thread celebrating your most satisfying “poop in a bag” story. (Everybody poops...yay!)

6. Really? Does anyone truly care how I poop?

Yup, 3 pages of people caring how you poop at the crag. (Who knew?)

7. That time a climber crapped his pants on video and Tosh O made him famous.

And it was inches from his partner's face. (Shudder)

Poop: What's the Big Deal?

Land managers are becoming increasingly alarmed by growing human waste issues at climbing areas. When you don't dispose of your poop correctly, it can spread disease, contaminate water sources, and ruin other people's day.
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