A Message to Climbers from Jason Momoa

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Aloha Friends,

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I hope you and your loved ones are safe and standing strong during these troubling times. There are a lot of causes right now that deserve our attention. But I’m writing to you today as a fellow member of our crazy, beautiful climbing community—because threats to public lands are heating up and endangering climbing areas across the country.

Right now, we have a powerful opportunity to double down in the fight to defend our climbing areas. A group of generous donors are matching all donations to Access Fund, up to $75,000, to help protect our special places. Will you join me by becoming an Access Fund member today?

Our friends at Access Fund have their eye on the ball. They are working hard to put a stop to dangerous policy changes that would fast-track industrial development on public lands, at the expense of recreation and the environment. These policy changes would drastically limit our voice in how these special places are managed and developed. Climbing gives us so much, and now it needs us to step up and fight for it.

Will you stand with me and fight for climbing and public lands? Become an Access Fund member today and a group of generous donors will match your membership dues, sending 2x the amount of funds to protect our climbing areas.

Public lands are more important than ever before. They help keep us healthy and sane in these tough times. Access Fund is advocating for us in Washington, D.C., and at parks and forests across the country to protect climbing and public lands for all. They are doing impressive work, but they need more resources.

Join me in becoming a member today.


Jason Momoa
Climbing Advocate (and, you know, leader of the Dothraki)

P.S. If you join Access Fund, tag me on Instagram at @prideofgypsies and let me know!