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With an enormous quantity of world-class sandstone boulders, Chattanooga is the perfect base for a Deep South bouldering trip.

Bouldering at Dayton outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Photo: Dayton, TN | © Tomas Donoso

Top Ten Classic Boulders in Chattanooga

  1. Brian's Brain, V1
  2. Incredarete, V1
  3. Storming the Castle, V1
  4. Mystery Machine, V3
  5. Dragon Lady, V4
  6. White Trash, V5
  7. The Wave, V6
  8. Super Mario Extension, V6
  9. Red House, V7
  10. Grimace, V8

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Chattanooga Atmosphere: Chattanooga is the Ellis Island of climbing. It’s the South's newest destination outdoor city, and the climbing scene is a big melting pot. The bouldering scene is absolutely mutant—young and super-psyched.

Avoid the Crowds in Chattanooga: The climber to rock ratio in Chattanooga is mind blowing. While most boulderers tend to head to Rock Town and Stone Fort (aka Little Rock City), we recommend checking out Dayton and the Cumberland Boulders as well. Alabama’s Horse Pens 40 and Hospital Boulders are only an hour or two away, so Chattanooga’s a great home base to check those out.

Local Pet Peeve: Stepping in piles of shit. We recommend that you take your morning constitution in a bathroom or pack it out.

Chattanooga Risks! Most bouldering here is on private land, and local climbers like to keep a low profile to keep landowner relationships humming. That doesn’t mean the culture is secretive, but it is uber responsible. If you want beta on an area, just connect with one of the super friendly locals.

Who Has Your Back in Chattanooga? The Southeastern Climbers Coalition represents climbers in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Pro Tip: If you’re traveling to Chattanooga, there’s a rad Hostel called The Crash Pad that’s conveniently located in the heart of the southside, just walking distance from great restaurants, bars, and live music. ~ Jimmy Webb, local pro

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