Don't Be Like Jerry

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We know it's tempting, but please...resist the urge to be like Jerry.

Instead, be an upstander and handle your chalk like a boss.

  • Clean up chalk spills.
  • Brush off tick marks after each session.
  • Choose the right brush type for the rock: soft brushes like boar's hair are best on desert sandstone and other soft rock types; nylon brushes are best for hard rock types such as granite.
  • Use chalk lightly in areas where it won’t be cleaned off naturally by rain—like overhangs, caves, and desert environments.
  • Check regulations before visiting a new climbing area. Some areas don't allow chalk usage or dictate the color climbers can use.
  • Work with your local climbing organization to initiate or participate in chalk cleanup at your local climbing area.

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Be an Upstander

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