The Future of Access Fund: Climber Survey Results

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We’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the growth of climbing and how Access Fund can evolve to meet the growing set of challenges that our community is facing. As part of that endeavor we asked you—the American climbers that we represent—to weigh in and help inform Access Fund’s strategic plan for the next 5 years.

We partnered with Dr. David Carter, assistant professor of public policy at the University of Utah, to launch a national climber survey last fall to gather data on what trends you’re seeing, what is important to you, what concerns you, and where you see Access Fund going in the years ahead to most effectively protect our treasured climbing areas.

One thing is clear: we are collectively concerned about the future of climbing, with threats to public lands, climber education, climate change, and impacts at our climbing areas of greatest concern.

It’s also clear that you have a great deal of trust in Access Fund to address these challenges, and that our existing programming—specifically public policy, stewardship, land acquisition, and education—is well positioned to address your top concerns.

And you’ve also told us how we can do better—lowering the barriers to membership and expanding our reach to bring new and younger climbers into the fold. We are clearly effective in reaching folks who have been climbing 6 years or more, but are still working to crack the code on reaching the wave of climbers.

There are many other valuable insights from this survey, and you can dive into the full results here. We’re carefully evaluating the results as part of our 5 year strategic planning process. But our promise to you is that despite all of the changes in our community, Access Fund’s mission is still crystal clear: to protect America’s climbing. We will not waver in that focus.

Other Interesting Tidbits

Y'all love clipping bolts.

Not all of you have committed to Access Fund membership yet, but we're coming for you...

We think you're fibbing about the member t-shirt not being a top motivation. I mean, they're pretty amazing.

You’re a philanthropic bunch, with environmental and social causes topping the list.

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