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We know quarantine life is starting to wear pretty thin. “Climbing at home” was amusing for a while, but if you haven’t already sent that sweet traverse in your kitchen, you may want to pick up a new project! That’s why this week we’re shifting our focus. We may not be quite ready to resume our regularly scheduled climbing trips—but the Internet is still full of stoke if you know where to look. This week, we’re keeping it light and looking forward to future adventures.

Photo of the Week

Ahh, simpler times. Did you know the flying baby is now all grown up and a climber herself?

© Greg Epperson

Entertaining Tidbits

Fun stuff from around the web to keep you stoked.

  • So many F-bombs! This whipper in Joshua Tree is a real doozy. Ultimately, it tells a story of persistence and glory (if also some sketchy gear placement we can’t recommend). After taking two big falls and decking both times, climber Logan Dickey got back on the wall and sent the rig. But seriously man, wear a helmet.

  • Our toes started bleeding just watching this. Charles Albert sends… barefoot.

Climbing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

While we’re all still safer at home, some crags are starting to reopen. If you’re considering climbing, please follow these guidelines.
Climbing During COVID-19

Training Freebies

  • We’ve been trying out Crimpd, a free training app developed by Tom Randall. Each workout features a step-by-step walkthrough, and your training progress can be tracked and analyzed over time so you can really dork out.
  • Who wouldn't want to try the fingerboard routine of an all-around crusher? Emily Harrington shares a simple workout for fingers of steel.
  • Uphill Athlete has posted free strength training workouts tailored to climbers of all abilities and fitness levels. Try the Rainier, Denali, or Everest level workouts, depending on how much you want to feel that sweet, sweet burn.

    Tread Lightly Tip of the Week

    The crag dogs you met above are heroes. But not all four-legged friends are well suited to hanging out at the crag. We know that’s a hot-button issue, and while we’re not here to make a ruling either way, we do have some guidelines to help everybody get along.
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