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For many of us, this was our first Memorial Day weekend in recent memory not spent on a climbing trip. It's... pretty weird. But still—who doesn't love a four-day week? This week's Stoke sees climbing officially inducted into meme culture, a backflip we can't responsibly encourage you to try, and a first ascent that will have you itching to get back to your project.

Photo of the Week

“Conservation is SEXY. Is Fun. Is Social. Is Awesome. I often feel very overwhelmed by the problems of the world, so I choose to get involved at a local level. Pick up one extra piece of trash, scrub graffiti, help underserved communities get outdoors, do it for the gram, take lots of photos to spread and share, and give back to the places that give to you freely.”@ladylockoff

What are you passionate about in your local climbing community? Share a photo and tag #accessfund for a chance to be featured in The Weekly Stoke!

Entertaining Tidbits

Fun stuff from around the web to keep you stoked.

  • Yes, the “choose your character” meme has made it to climbing. So… who are you going to be?

  • The traditional job market is, um, less than ideal right now. So why not throw caution to the wind, pursue your dreams, and make your passion your profession? This handy list of climbing jobs, benefits, and salaries might point you in the right direction, inspire a side gig, or (probably) convince you to stick with the ol’ 9-to-5.
  • Viva Las Vegas! Check out this video of Jonathan Siegrest on the first ascent of Hundred Proof in the Potosi Cave just outside Sin City:

Climbing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

While we’re all still safer at home, some crags are starting to reopen. If you’re considering climbing, please follow these guidelines.
Climbing During COVID-19

Tips and Training

  • Is your at-home workout routine starting to feel a little stale? Ok… really stale? Same here. But we gave this shoulder and core stability workout for climbers a try, and it had us sweating bullets.

  • Frayed rope? Chipped carabiners? Perhaps some popped stitching on your belay loop? This quick video provides tips on checking your gear—and knowing when the time has come to finally replace that beloved rope or harness.

Tread Lightly Tip of the Week

Cryptobiotic soil is common in desert climbing areas. This dark, crumbly looking soil is a living crust that plays an important ecological role by drawing nutrients into the soil while protecting it from erosion by wind and rain. And it can be destroyed with a single step, taking decades to regenerate. Here are some tips to tread lightly in the desert.
Tread Lightly In the Desert

Climbers In the Wild

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