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A climber brushes off excessive tick marks

Ever arrive at a boulder problem to find the (very obvious) finishing jug ticked in thick, white chalk? Or climbed a route that is caked with gooey chalk on each and every hold?

Despite the obvious benefit of chalk, climbers can often get carried away with it. Over the years, chalk gets caked onto holds, forming layers, which affects the texture of the rock and the friction of that very poor sloper. Too many ticks can also cause confusion on a route, botch on-sight attempts, and ruin the self-discovery and problem-solving aspect of climbing.

Too much chalk can also have a negative visual impact that can be a deal breaker for landowners and other recreationalists. This visual impact of chalk and tick marks can lead to chalk restrictions (take Garden of the Gods or Arches National Park, for example).

It’s in every climber’s best interest to minimize tick marks and overly chalked holds. Here are a few things to keep in mind next time you’re out at the crag:

  • Brush off tick marks. If you are going to tick, take a few minutes to brush off the tick marks before you leave.
  • Choose the right brush for your rock type. Certain bristles can negatively affect certain types of rock. For example, nylon brushes can damage sensitive rock like sandstone. The best go-to brush is a Boar’s Hair Brush, which doesn’t polish or erode the rock.
  • Use chalk lightly in areas where it won’t be cleaned off naturally by rain, like overhangs, caves, and desert environments.
  • Get involved with your local climbing organization. Help initiate a chalk cleanup day at your local climbing area.

Photo courtesy of © Andrew Kornylak

Special thanks to guest contributor Whitney Boland

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Couldn't agree more about the chalk and tick mark problem, but product placement undermines the objectivity of this commentary. "Boar's hair brush" and "chalk alternative" might be more appropriate.

Posted by: Jordan | February 26, 2015 at 09:11 AM

french version here
Have nice trip on french roc ;-)

Posted by: Greg | April 09, 2015 at 08:17 AM

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