Restore Climbing Areas

From Maine to California, the story is the same: our climbing areas are redlining, beat up and crumbling under the pressure of a growing climbing population.

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Our Approach

Our work doesn’t stop once access is secured. We are committed to the long-term sustainability of our climbing areas, and our three Access Fund Conservation Teams travel the country helping build sustainable climbing areas that can withstand the impacts of our growing sport.

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Our Impact

Over 675 Climbing Sites Improved
Over 57,400 Volunteers Engaged
Over 2,564 Tons of Rock Hauled
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Jared Musgrave

Tell Land Managers: Let Climbers Tackle Stewardship

Land managers often lack the funding and expertise to fix growing impacts, and getting through the red tape to put a shovel in the ground is their biggest obstacle. There are several bills and initiatives being drafted now that will streamline approvals for public lands, and we need your help to show land managers a groundswell of support from climbers.
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