Climbers for Public Lands

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Our public lands, home to 60% of climbing in this country, are under attack.

What started out in 2015 as blatant attempts to sell off public lands to private interests has evolved into a more covert attack on the systems and laws that protect these lands. This collection of sneaky leadership appointments, subtle policy changes, big budget cuts, and arcane rule changes are leaving our public land exposed. When you take a step back to look at the big picture, it’s clear that there’s a dangerous agenda unfolding that is quickly eroding our public lands system. But the tide is beginning to turn—advocates like you are speaking up and Congress is listening and making progress in protecting our public lands.

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Defend Public Lands

Help us protect America's public lands, home to 60% of climbing areas in this country. Every acre we protect, every climbing area we save, begins with you.
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Prepare for 2020

The fight for America’s public lands is constantly evolving, but the one constant is that the front line is in Washington, D.C., among our elected officials. As you prepare to exercise your vote next November, our commitment to you is that we’ll keep you informed of the greatest threats to our public lands. Sign up for our 2020 Election Prep series to stay informed.