Hueco Tanks, Enchanted Rock, and other Texas State Parks Threatened

The Texas Legislature is considering a budget which would short-change the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) by nearly $100M. If the proposed budget passes, state parks will experience: reduced visiting hours, canceled repair and improvement projects, diminished programs for families and children, and curtailment of other vital services. These changes could limit climbing opportunities in Texas – including at Hueco Tanks and Enchanted Rock.

Photo Credit: Brian Tickle

Texas state parks are funded through tax proceeds collected from the sale of sporting goods; however, it is up to the state legislature to appropriate those funds to TPWD (Texas law mandates that 94% of tax revenue from the sale of sporting goods be available for the legislature to appropriate to TPWD). We need the state legislature to honor its commitment to fully fund TPWD.

Climbing in Texas relies heavily on state parks and we need to let policy makers know that their proposed level of funding for TPWD is not acceptable. Not only are state parks vital to rock climbing in Texas, they are a vital piece of the outdoor recreation economy which generates over $28 billion per year in consumer spending and creates 277,000 jobs in Texas.

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