Increase Recreational Access in New Jersey

The New Jersey General Assembly is currently considering a bill (A4699) that would strengthen the New Jersey Land Owner Liability Act to cover persons engaged in climbing, bouldering, and ice climbing. The present law affords landowners protection when opening their land for many recreational activities, but it does not specifically call out climbing. By amending the act to include climbing, landowners will be assured protection under the law if they choose to open their lands for climbing.

If this amendment passes, it would give Access Fund and local climbing advocates another tool to address liability concerns on both public and privately held lands. This could strengthen protections at existing climbing areas on private property and could help open new climbing areas.

If you are a New Jersey resident, please use our easy letter-writing tool to contact your representatives and express your support of this bill. Click on the talking points to add them to your letter.

If you are not a resident of New Jersey share this message with residents you know and encourage them to write their representatives in support of bill A4699.