Our Public Lands are Under Attack

Right now, we are up against one of the greatest threats to climbing access we have ever faced, and we need your help.

Over 60% of our climbing areas are located on federally managed public lands, and a growing movement of law and policy makers at the federal and state levels have launched a systematic attack on these lands. The sheer number of bills, executive orders, resolutions, and legislative rules that push to dispose, transfer, and diminish our public lands is unprecedented.

Although recent overt attempts to sell off our public lands have failed, Congress and the President are still pushing a more covert dismantling of the regulations, budget, and authority of land management agencies that protect our public lands.

Photo Courtesy of:
Andrew Burr | Indian Creek

Access Fund needs your help – TODAY

Please make a donation to help our policy experts, lawyers, and environmental scientists defend our public lands and their irreplaceable climbing experiences.

This is a non-partisan issue--every climber and U.S. citizen has a stake in our public lands. And while the climbing community is politically diverse, our shared passion for climbing must unite us. We must work together to protect America’s public lands.

Right now, Access Fund needs your support to:

  • Fight legislation and executive orders that undermine the Antiquities Act, such as rescinding or drastically modifying the size of Bears Ears National Monument.
  • Prevent Congress and the President from prioritizing commercial interests over conservation, recreation, and other uses of public lands;
  • Fight legislation that proposes the outright sale/disposal of our country’s public lands.
  • Fight legislation that proposes the transfer of public lands to states, where they would likely be restricted, sold off, developed, or industrialized.
  • Prevent initiatives that will limit our voice in how public lands are used, managed, and stewarded.
  • Stop the repeal of regulations that protect the integrity of our public lands, including responsible public land uses, environmental protections, and development.
  • Prevent attacks on public land agencies, including budget cuts and limiting their authority to protect public lands for the American people.

This attack on our public lands is death by a thousand cuts. And they are counting on the fact that we aren’t paying attention. That the details are too wonky for us to see the bigger picture. But we see the big picture. These threats are subtle and dispersed, but they add up to the systematic dismantling of America’s public lands system--home to 60% of our climbing areas--and they must be stopped.

Photo Courtesy of:
Jerry Dodrill | Sierras, CA

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Every acre we protect, every climbing area we save, begins with you. Help us protect the spectacular public lands that are our American birthright.