Reopen Williamson Rock to Climbing!

We need your help to reopen Williamson Rock after a 13 year closure.

Williamson Rock was Southern California’s premier summer sport climbing destination until it was closed in 2005 to protect the endangered Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog (MYLF). The Angeles National Forest closed the area as a result of several successful lawsuits brought by conservation organizations.

For years, the Access Fund and local climbing advocates have been advocating for an environmental impact study to evaluate climbing management strategies that would allow controlled climbing access while still protecting the MYLF. However budget restrictions and bureaucratic roadblocks have prevented to study from moving forward. (See a full history of Access Fund’s efforts to re-open Williamson Rock here.)

Angeles National Forest is moving forward and has released a draft environmental impact statement that proposes several options for re-opening Williamson Rock to climbing. This is the most progress we’ve seen in over a decade, and we are optimistic that with a strong show of support from the climbing community, this will lead to the reopening of this iconic Southern California crag.

The Forest Service is currently working on incorporating all public comments into a Final Environmental Impact Statement which we hope to see released later in 2019. Stay tuned for updates on this project.

View a map of the Williamson Rock Project Area and alternatives being considered, created by David Potter.

Photo courtesy of Troy Mayr