Tell the New Congress Climbers Stand with Public Lands

Calling all climbing advocates! We’re heading to the Hill again this week to advocate for public lands—home to nearly 60% of climbing in this country—and we need to take your name with us.

We’re seeing some positive changes in this new Congress, with more opportunities to advance legislation that will protect public lands, prioritize conservation, and address climate change. But lawmakers need to hear that you support them!

Our public lands policy team will be sitting down with legislators and administrators from across the country to discuss these opportunities and show them that climbers are a united force who stand with our public lands.

Our Agenda on the Hill
We’ll be meeting with lawmakers and land managers to:

  • Gain support in the House for the Natural Resources Management Act, a collection of important bills that just passed the Senate and would be good for climbing, public lands, and outdoor recreation by creating over 700,000 acres of Wilderness, enhancing recreation, and legitimizing climbing activities in designated Wilderness.
  • Support the CORE Act, a federal bill aimed at protecting 400,000 acres in Colorado, designating iconic peaks as Wilderness, withdrawing land from oil and gas leases, and improving permanent boundaries for recreation areas. This is a precedent-setting bill that, if passed, will have positive impacts far beyond Colorado.

I Stand With Public Lands

I am a climber who stands with our public lands. Please defend these incredible places and the American public’s right to have a voice in how these lands are managed. Our public lands need adequate funding, regulations, environmental reviews, and public process to protect them from irresponsible use.

Recent Signers

Sam H.
Michelle F.
Christine K.

  • Push back on the Department of Interior’s attempt to reduce government transparency by trying to limit use of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  • Introduce new members of Congress to the values and power of the climbing advocacy community.

Sign above to tell this new Congress that you’re a climber who values conservation of our public lands.

Will you stand with us?

Sign above and let us bring your name with us to Washington D.C. to show lawmakers that climbers stand with a unified voice.